Novotech offers an all-in-one solution to track, sense or monitor across consumer, commercial and industry. Track temperature, humidity, light, pressure and more in a simple plug-and-play solution.

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How does it work?

Deploy Sensors

Add any number of MiTag 8-in-1 Multi-sensors to your business environment.

Place a MiGateway in a central location.


Connect the MiGateway to ANY Router or Cellular Gateway with an RJ45 cable.


View & Manage MiTag sensors with your very own white labelled cloud-based web and mobile application.

Here's what you can monitor with the 8-in-1.

What you need

Comercial & Consumer Applications

for 12 months

Includes 1 Tektonik Sensor. Additional sensors available for $7.99/month (2-5), $6.99 (6-24), $5,99 (25+).

Monitoring Software

for 12 months


for 12 months

Includes unlimited locations, unlimited users, unlimited alert definitions, unlimited SMS/EMAIL notifications, unlimited easy reports, 90 day data storage.

Optional Hardware

Will you be monitoring at a location with little or no internet connectivity? Consider a cellular router with data to ensure 24x7 real-time monitoring. Simply connect the MiGateway to the Teltonika RUT240 Router for always-on connectivity.

Cellular Router
plus 2GM Data

Package Includes:

2GB data per month*
Teltonika RUT240 router
2 Antennas
Power Cord

for 12 months