From Concept to Connectivity

Digi is a manufacturer of Cellular gateways, routers and modems. Design, deploy and manage a network of connected devices built to provide seamless connectivity and reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.

Novotech distributes industry leading lines of Digi Cellular Routers and Modules.

Digi Modules

An IoT module is a small electronic device embedded in objects, machines and things that connect to wireless networks and sends and receives data. Sometimes referred to as a "radio chip", the IoT module contains the same technology and data circuits found in mobile phones but without features like a display or keypad.  IoT modules provide always-on connectivity.

Digi Routers

A cellular router is a device providing shared Internet access through a cellular gateway. A standard wireless interface makes it easy for computers, cell phones, and other network-enabled products to share the connection. The difference between a cellular router and a traditional router is that the latter obtains Internet access through cable, telephone or fibre optic lines rather than cell towers.

Digi Cellular Gateways

A cellular gateway is a device used to provide a reliable and flexible Internet access to one or many devices. Cellular Gateways can act as primary or a backup connection for a vital landline connection. The most common applications of gateways include fixed or stationary and mobile, mounted on vehicles.

Digi Accessories

Cellular Gateways & Modules

Since 1985, Digi International Inc. (Digi) has been a pioneer in wireless communication, forging the future for connected devices and responding to the needs of the people and enterprises that use them.

More than 23 billion connected IoT devices around the world will transmit over 430 trillion bytes of data communications across applications in smart cities, transportation systems, medical operations, precision agriculture and industrial environments, allowing businesses to access critical information instantaneously. The devices and machines that operate in the most demanding environments rely on IoT solutions from Digi.

Digi Technology

Digi cellular gateways provide easy-to-install cellular WAN connectivity rated for industrial and commercial use in environments that require protective enclosures for temperature and humidity. Their industrial cellular gateways are ideal for connecting large networks of sensors or Digi XBee based devices enabling WAN to RF, Ethernet or serial connections.

Digi Modules

Digi's suite of embedded solutions includes RF and cellular modules, SoMs and SBCs to support your development requirements. Whether your chief concern is range, power, programmability, certification, security, or software tools, Digi has your needs covered.

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Digi International

Digi International has 15 offices around the world, 500 world wide employees and customers from each corner of the planet; they bring visions and innovations to life with machine connectivity that’s relentlessly reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable.

Digi Solutions

Novotech distributes Digi’s major product offerings, like the TransPort cellular router and gateway line, the Connect Sensor, Digi XBee RF Modules, Digi XBee Cellular Modems and all applicable accessories.

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