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Sierra Wireless cellular gateways and routers can simplify building your IoT solutions. Power tomorrow’s world with Sierra Wireless

Novotech distributes all Sierra Wireless Cellular Routers including the LX40, LX60, RV55, RV55X, XR80, XR90 and MP70. Same-day shipping available.

Sierra Wireless 5G Cellular Routers

5G Cellular Routers support complete device-to-cloud security, reduces total cost of ownership with ALMS Out-of-Band management, and with the cartridge-based design, enables long-term expandability and upgradability.

Sierra Wireless Cellular Gateways

cellular gateway is a device used to provide a reliable and flexible internet access via 3G, 4G or 5G. Cellular gateways can act as primary or a backup connection for landline connections. The most common applications of gateways include fixed, stationary and mobile.

Sierra Wireless Cellular Routers

A cellular router is a device providing shared Internet access through a cellular gateway. Any number of devices can connect to the internet through a router. This includes computers, cell phones, and other network-enabled products to share the connection. A cellular router is different than a traditional router you may have in your home. The latter provides internet access through cable, telephone or fibre optic lines rather than cell towers.

Sierra Wireless Airlink Antennas

AirLink® antennas are tested and certified to perform with all AirLink routers and gateways. They connect a wide range of mobile and fixed applications in public safety, utilities, industrial and enterprise. Accelerate your deployment with always-on, end-to-end connectivity with high-performance AirLink® antennas.

Sierra Wireless Accessories

Cellular Gateways & Routers

Sierra Wireless provides secure, controllable, high-performance cellular networks for mission-critical applications. Remote management, secure connections, and location-based services help implementation of new applications. Quickly.



Sierra's cellular routers, gateways and management solutions are built to withstand harsh conditions. This gives operations and IT real-time awareness with remote monitoring. They are a trusted partner in many industries including:
  • First responders
  • Utilities
  • Public transit
  • Building automation
  • Digital signage and more.

Airlink Technology

The AirLink® Management Service is a secure cloud-based management solution. It makes it easy to deploy, monitor and upgrade any number of gateways and routers remotely. You can reduce in-field support visits and reduce tedious manual configurations.


Performance Based

The Performance Series of cellular routers includes the MG90, MP70, and RV55. These routers are for customers who demand the best for mission-critical applications. The equipment is flawless in extremely harsh indoor, vehicle or exposed outdoor locations. They provide the ultimate combination of secure, cellular and Wi-Fi performance, in a rugged form-factor.

The Essential Series of cellular routers includes the LX40 and LX60. These are perfect for business-critical applications in indoor, vehicle and protected outdoor locations. They offer secure and reliable LTE or Wi-Fi in compact forms. As a bonus WAN failover capabilities.

About Sierra Wireless

Novotech has been a proud authorized distributor of Sierra products since 2000. Their products and solutions connect thousands of businesses to critical data. Sierra Wireless has headquarters in British Columbia, Canada.

Sierra Wireless boasts over 1400 employees and extends to over 130 countries. They are trusted globally to develop products and services to get to market faster. As IoT grows, the vision remains the same. Continue to empower businesses to reimagine their future in the connected world. And, enable them to transform and thrive in the connected economy.


Quick Facts About Sierra Wireless

  • Sierra Wireless shipped over 150,000,000 devices worldwide.
  • 80+ networks supported globally including AT&T, Verizon, Bell, Rogers, and TELUS
  • 200+ patents in wireless technology
  • $75M+ invested annually in R&D with development teams on 3 continents
  • Products are deployed in 130+ countries
  • The Top 3 Smart Meter Manufacturers rely on Sierra Wireless modules to manage and monitor energy usage
  • 3 of the Top 5 ecurity Service Providers depend on Sierra Wireless modules to improve safety and security for homeowners and businesses
  • 4 out of 5 Top 20 utilities use AirLink routers for smart grid deployments and vehicle fleets
  • >50% of Top 100 police departments rely on Sierra Wireless routers in cruisers and incident response vehicles
  • >25% of Top 50 transit agency vehicles depend on Sierra Wireless routers to improve passenger services & operations
  • 3 out of 4 High Performance EMS systems* trust Sierra Wireless routers to support paramedics in the field

Cellular Routers vs Cellular Gateways

Cellular routers connect similar networks such as 2 TCP/IP networks. Cellular gateways connect different networks such as a PC network with a mainframe network. That is a TCP/IP with a non-TCP/IP.

Not Sure What Product is Right for you?

See the Sierra Wireless Cellular router comparison chart for ideal uses, serial ports and carriers.

You can also visit our Sierra Wireless FAQ blog post for our most commonly asked questions.