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Overcome the challenges of IoT and achieve full potential with Teltonika M2M, GPS trackers, industrial cellular routers, gateways and remote management.

Novotech distributes industry-leading lines of Teltonika Cellular Routers including the RUT240, RUT950, and RUT955.

Teltonika Cellular Routers

cellular router is a device providing shared Internet access through a cellular gateway. A standard wireless interface makes it easy for computers, cell phones, and other network-enabled products to share the connection. The difference between a cellular router and a traditional router is that the latter obtains Internet access through cable, telephone or fibre optic lines rather than cell towers..

Cellular Routers

Teltonika routers are equipped with a variety of wireless and wired connectivity options and technologies which makes them an essential tool to connect people, machines and infrastructure across most market sectors. The RUT series is engineered to be deployed easily in challenging connectivity scenarios and the RutOS based on Linux OpenWRT has become one of the most functional router operating systems in the market.


Teltonika Networks is a global provider of IoT & IIoT equipment based in Lithuania, Europe, with offices situated across four continents. During more than two decades of R&D, product development and manufacturing of IoT & M2M industrial networking devices, they created a comprehensive product portfolio for the most challenging Industry 4.0 connectivity applications. The company controls all the stages of the product development life cycle, allowing it to be fast and flexible in reacting to market demands and changes while offering devices that are reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Vision and Values

Teltonika products are designed by the brightest minds in the Networks R&D department located in Kaunas city, Lithuania. The R&D team allows for quick  launches of new products as well as constantly improving existing products by adding new functionality.
All electronics are manufactured and assembled in our leading-edge manufacturing facilities in Vilnius city, Lithuania. This allows engineers to assure the quality of all Teltonika devices. Each and every device is 100% tested before reaching the client. The support team is located right next door to our R&D team, allowing them to provide the best support possible by offering short response time to each and every customer.

Not Sure What Product is Right For You?

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