All-In-One IoT Solution

Build a successful business with one single platform.

Novotech distributes industry-leading lines of Thingsmatrix Track and Trace Products

ThingsMatrix Devices

A track and trace turnkey solution that includes three key components: Device, Platform, and Connectivity. ThingsMatrix then ensures each of these components works together seamlessly in order to provide a holistic IoT experience.

Who is ThingsMatrix?

ThingsMatrix is a company that is made up of programmers, technicians, engineers, administrators, salespeople, and designers. They offer solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) in an accessible, secure and transparent way. In recent years ThingsMatrix has focused on the IoT, not only because of the potential it can have in the future, but because it is a subject that moves and motivates ThingMatrix to strive for innovative and groundbreaking IoT products.


At ThingsMatrix, there is a thorough understanding of the enterprise space and a clear mindset of its critical demands; providing world-class global IoT solutions. From partnering with global leading operators to its ability to offer a single contract, ThingsMatrix is flexible and agile to customize needs without affecting its ability to scale, all at very competitive pricing. ThingsMatrix can enable businesses to significantly lower their operational costs while gaining efficiency by adopting and their implementing solutions.

Custom Work

ThingsMatrix offers off-the-shelf and custom devices to track the assets that power your business while giving you peace of mind knowing that your high-value assets are always where they are supposed to be and are operating with utmost efficiency. Our devices are suited for any industry and are extremely versatile.

Cellular network technology allows for use and deployment, either regionally or globally. Depending on the use case, the devices can be reusable or disposable. Embedded or external sensors simplify maintenance and telemetry tasks, IP rated packaging enables operation in harsh environments, and high capacity batteries keep the devices operational for the duration of the journey or for the life of the project.

With thousands of assets to operate and manage, a well-organized system allows you to be efficient and keep things simple. It is time to take control, and ThingsMatrix asset tracking solutions are here to help!

Supply Chain Logistics

Logistics is all about on-time delivery and security of cargo, efficiently managing containers while locating and retrieving reusable pallets to improve utilization. Each individual enterprise has specific challenges, and ThingsMatrix provides customized solutions with the following features:

  • Devices that are easy to install and conceal
  • A sensor-based monitoring and alarm system including motion, vibration, level, volume, capacity, contact, temperature, humidity, light
  • Track unpowered assets with long-lasting rechargeable or disposable batteries
  • Increase cargo security with door status sensors
  • Ruggedized weatherproof/waterproof form factors
  • Real-time notifications for theft triggered via tamper alerts
  • Flexible device configuration/rules setting for different use cases
  • Data consumption statistics

Maintenance & Monitoring

Equipment and machinery are usually located in remote areas or scattered around the world. In order to efficiently manage these assets, enterprises need to know not only where their assets are, but also when they need maintenance. With ThingsMatrix IoT solutions, instead of performing scheduled routine maintenance, which could be costly and unnecessary, you will get detailed status reports and full historical data to help significantly reduce operating costs by knowing exactly when maintenance is needed.

  • A sensor-based monitoring system including motion, vibration, level, volume, capacity, contact, temperature, humidity, light
  • Door status
  • Real-time notifications for theft triggered via a tamper alert
  • Ruggedized weatherproof/waterproof form factors
  • Flexible device configuration/rules setting for different use cases
  • Data consumption statistics

Theft Protection

Utilizing ThingsMatrix’s tracking devices across mobile assets such as those in rental and leasing applications, asides of the peace of mind, it provides a simple and effective way of managing large fleets. Benefits include considerable time savings when locating vehicles for pickup and maintenance, guaranteed asset safety through the implementation of our trusted services, and optimized inventory control and management.

  • Built-in accelerometer to provide motion detection
  • Small form-factors for concealed installation
  • Ruggedized weatherproof/waterproof form factors
  • High capacity rechargeable or disposable batteries
  • Generate customizable alerts and notifications for tracked assets
  • Data consumption statistics