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Get up to 32x stronger cell and data signals, and enjoy more bars in your home, office, or vehicle.

Novotech distributes weBoost Signal Boosters, Cellular Amplifiers and Accessories by Wilson Electronics

Signal Boosters

Wilson Electronics manufactures WilsonPro and weBoost cellular boosters. weBoost signal boosters provide a strong, reliable signal on all cellular networks. You can reduce dropped calls, improve data streaming at home, work or on the road. And, all boosters come with a money back guarantee.

Signal Boosting for Home Applications

No matter where you are, you deserve to have high-speed internet on all your devices. weBoost amplifies your connectivity in the city, country or anywhere in-between. Stream shows, play games, and video chat without interruption with weBoost. The best part? Professional installation is NOT REQUIRED. All devices are easy to set up.

Boost connectivity, signal strength, and data speeds for up to three large rooms in your home.

  • Works for multiple users at a time
  • Reduces the number of dropped calls and improves voice quality
  • Faster internet speeds and streaming capability
  • Boosts signal strength in areas of your home with weak reception

Boosters for homes that improve cell signal for multiple users in one room.‌

  • Boosts signal strength, data speeds, and connectivity in one large room of your home
  • Improves slow internet for multiple users at the same time
  • Perfect choice for smaller homes or apartments
  • Easy, drill-free installation process

Better connectivity in a smaller area - where you need it most.‌

  • Covers up to one room of your home
  • Works for multiple users and at the same time
  • Easy to install, with no drill required
  • A great choice for small homes and apartments

For Vehicle (Car, Truck, Boat, or RV)

Don’t sacrifice connectivity during road trips or outings away from populated areas. weBoost Canada helps you stay connected when you’re on the move. Strong cell signal for phone calls, texting, and streaming helps to make the journey fun.‌

Drive Reach ensures that you’ll always be able to connect - anywhere.‌

  • Dramatically increases connectivity on multiple devices, for multiple users
  • Perfect for use in passenger cars or in SUVs
  • Pulls in signal from faraway cell towers
  • Quick and easy to install without professional help

Drive X is engineered to provide a greater coverage area for multiple devices.‌

  • Quick and easy DIY installation process
  • A great choice for travelling in passenger cars or in SUVs
  • Works well for multiple users and multiple devices
  • Improves connectivity in rural areas

Drive Sleek is the go-to in-vehicle signal booster for single users.

  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Boosts call quality, data speed, and streaming capabilities in low-signal areas
  • Works with any phone that fits into a cradle measuring between 5.1” and 7.5”
  • Perfect choice for commuters

Signal Boosting for a Commercial Space

weBoost can drastically improve signal and connectivity in large offices, warehouses, and enterprise sites. A strong, stable connection is crucial for productivity.‌

Our professional-grade signal booster engineered to improve connectivity in large commercial spaces and medium enterprises up to 35,000 sq ft.

  • 4G coverage for spaces measuring up to 40,000 square feet
  • Comes with three outdoor antennas that can pull signal from multiple cell towers
  • Expansion kits are available as needed
  • An ideal choice for larger offices and warehouses, and small-to-medium enterprises

Professional-grade signal booster, for improved connectivity in large commercial spaces and medium enterprises up to 40,000 sq ft.

  • 4G coverage for spaces measuring up to 40,000 square feet
  • Comes with three outdoor antennas that can pull signal from multiple cell towers
  • Expansion kits are available as needed
  • An ideal choice for larger offices and warehouses, and small-to-medium enterprises

WeBoost Accessories

weBoost offers a full line of accessories to ensure their signal boosters can meet your unique requirements.

‌What Sets weBoost Apart‌?

Cellular Booster Security IconStepped-Up Security 

State-of-the-art encryption on all data ensures that your internet connection is secure even when you’re using a cellular network.‌

Signal boosters trusted iconA Cell Signal You Can Trust‌

You can feel secure knowing that you maintain a connection to your cellular network. Having cell service can be crucial in an emergency.


Make it possible to use all your data with a signal booster

Getting You the Most Out of Your Data Plan

With reliable connectivity, you can make full use of your unlimited data plan.

weBoost Works with Every Canadian Carrier


Yep. That includes leading carriers, including TELUS, Rogers, Bell, Videotron, and Sasktel.‌


Why Use weBoost?

Longer Battery Life on Your Devices‌

Your phone can waste valuable battery power trying to connect when you’re in a low signal area. With weBoost, that’s not an issue. You’ll always have a good signal, so your battery will last longer.‌

Improves More Than Just Signal

weBoost doesn’t just improve connectivity. Their tools also enhance the quality of voice and cut down on dropped calls. Our customers experience faster data speeds and higher-quality streaming.‌

Works on All Your Devices

weBoost boosters are FCC and ISED approved. Their tools work on all cell phones, tablets, and other devices with cellular data.

There’s a Reason weBoost is #1

This company pioneered in-vehicle signal boosters. They were also the first company to build home cell phone boosters in the U.S. and Canada. We’re time-tested.

What Are the Most Important Reasons to Use weBoost?

  1. Fewer dropped calls and missed messages.
  2. You won’t have to rely on your WiFi service to get internet
  3. Better voice quality, no matter which carrier you use
  4. Far fewer “dead zones.”
  5. Streaming and data speeds will improve.
  6. Battery life on your devices will increase
  7. Improved coverage inside your home
  8. A better signal on the road
  9. Be able to take full advantage of unlimited data plan‌s
  10. Be able to feel secure with a reliable cell signal


How Do weBoost Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work?

Step #1 - Place one antenna outside your home or vehicle and one indoor antenna inside. The outside antenna communicates with the nearby cell towers and sends it to the booster.

Step #2 - The booster amplifies the cellular signal.

Step #3 - The inside antenna transmits those signals throughout your home or vehicle.

The result is better cellular signal coverage.

Is a Cell Phone Signal Booster Right For Me?‌

weBoost’s products can amplify any available signal. Finally, you can have better access to data and an improved ability to talk, text, and stream.‌

weBoost offers a range of products that can suit the needs of any space. Their products can boost cell signals for your car, home, or your place of work.

Before purchasing a cellular signal booster, you must check signal strength. You will need indoor and outdoor measurements in the weak signal area.
Read more about how to do this in our blog on testing signal strength.

How Much Will a weBoost Signal Booster Cost Me?

weBoost carries a range of products designed to meet different needs. You might pay anywhere from $199.99 to $1199.99, depending on how much coverage you need. The most powerful boosters, designed to cover a large area, are more expensive. 
Boosters that many devices can use at once are also costlier than boosters that only work for one device at a time.  And remember that weBoost products don’t come with a monthly fee. You only pay once

Why Should I Use a weBoost Cellular Signal Booster?

weBoost is a pioneer in the field of cell signal boosters. They were the first company to create signal boosters for use in private homes. weBoost also developed the very first signal boosters for use in vehicles. We design, build and test all our products right here in the USA.

All boosters come equipped with Automatic Gain Control. That means you’ll never have to adjust the settings.

All boosters are future-proof. They’re 5G-ready and won’t become obsolete.

Is It Difficult to Install a weBoost Cell Phone Booster?

No. Depending on the booster, installation could take as little as fifteen minutes. But, it can take up to 2 hours if you need to mount an antenna on your roof. Rest assured, all products come with clear and detailed instructions. Enterprise signal boosters may need to be professionally installed.

Do weBoost’s Signal Boosters Work in Remote Areas?

Yes. weBoost signal boosters work in rural and remote areas, where cell phone towers are far away. It’s a good idea to use our strongest boosters when in rural or remote areas.

Compare weBoost Signal Boosters

If you need more information, head over to our Wilson weBoost comparison page to see signal booster coverage, gain, power specifications and more!