Novotech Technologies is dedicated to providing our customers with the best purchasing, shipping and RMA services possible. The answers to the questions below should help you find what you need to know, but if you need additional assistance, please feel free to Contact Us.

Purchasing FAQs

I don't see the product I am interested in. Does that mean it's not available through Novotech?

The selection of products on our website represents a variety of the most commonly purchased products from our company. If you don't see the product you are interested in, please call 1-800-268-8628 and ask to speak to a sales person.

How do I purchase products from Novotech?

To purchase products from Novotech, you have three options:

  1. Open a Novotech account:  To open a Novotech account, please complete the appropriate credit application form (Canada or US) to apply for Net 30 credit terms. The application process may take up to three (3) business days to complete. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-268-8628.
  2. Pay by Credit Card: To arrange for credit card payment, please call 1-800-268-8628.
  3. Request a Bank Transfer: To arrange for a bank transfer, please call 1-800-268-8628.
How do I request a quote from Novotech?

There are three ways to request a quote from Novotech:

  1. Complete the online “Request a quote” form
  2. Call 1-800-268-8628
  3. Email
Can someone help me find the right M2M product or solution for me?

Novotech has a team dedicated to guiding you to the right M2M product or solution. To contact one of our experts, call 1-800-268-8628 or email sales@novotech

Shipping FAQs

Ship Complete vs Ship Partial - How do they compare?

Ship Complete ensures all ordered items are shipped at once in their entirety. This is typically the most cost-effective option and timing will depend on item availability.

Ship Partial ensures all in-stock order items are shipped at the earliest opportunity, and out-of-stock items awaiting inventory will be shipped at a later date(s). This option may be more costly given that multiple shipments could result in additional shipping charges.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however for international shipments, you, the customer, will be required to provide your own courier account.

Is there a restocking fee for refusals of shipments from Novotech?

Refusals of shipments sent from Novotech may be assessed a twenty five percent (25%) restocking fee plus the difference between current market cost and the cost of invoice date, in addition to all freight and insurance charges.

Return FAQs

Does Novotech have a standard warranty for the products I buy?

The products that Novotech sells are warranted by their respective manufacturers and therefore the length of a warranty term may differ between product models. For details, refer to our RMA Process.

My product doesn’t seem to be working properly. How do I get technical support?

If your product exhibits signs of failure, please contact our Technical Support staff to verify the product failure. The preferred method is to email the necessary information and details of the problem to

What happens if the Novotech Support Representative is unable to fix my problem?

If the Novotech Support Representative is unable to correct the problem and determines that the problem is the result of product failure covered under the product’s warranty policy, then you will be directed to complete the RMA Request Form.

How do I submit an RMA?

All RMA requests are to be submitted with an RMA Request Form.

What happens after I submit the RMA?

A confirmation that the RMA request has been received will be provided by close of business the following business day, 5:00 PM Eastern time. However, Novotech will not provide the RMA number and authorize the return of the product until the manufacturer has confirmed the item is still under warranty. The manufacturer may make suggestions to fix the identified problems, and/or provides an authorization for the return.

The RMA number will be provided by email. The email will include packaging and shipping instructions and the assigned RMA number. The RMA number must be clearly marked on the packaging when the product is returned.

Are there specific packaging guidelines I should follow when returning product to Novotech?

Original packaging should be used if available to minimize the potential for shipment damage. Componet/Module products must be enclosed in an antistatic bag to avoid ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage.

For module products or small peripheral items generally weighing less than 5 lbs. (2 Kgs), the customer should use appropriate packing materials that provide a minimum 2" (5 cm) of foam or similar padding protection for all surfaces of the contents.

Items weighing more than 5lbs (2Kgs) must be shipped in original or equivalent packaging.

If items are damaged during return shipment it will be left to Novotech’s discretion to determine whether the product is repairable. Damaged product will not be repaired under the product warranty. Prior to any out-of-warranty repairs being made, the customer will be contacted to authorize any repairs, approve the applicable charges and specify the appropriate payment method.

Please follow these guidelines when returning product to Novotech:

  1. Use the products original packaging if available
  2. Ship the RMA items via traceable means to the below address
  3. Write the RMA number on the outside surface of each return package
  4. Write RMA number on the Air Waybill or Shipper
  5. Allow a minimum of 90 business days Turn-Around-Time after receipt of RMA by Novotech.

Please note the timing of the return is dependent on where the manufacturer's products must ultimately be returned to. In some cases it is overseas.

Where should I ship products related to an RMA?

Unless otherwise specified on the RMA confirmation, all returns will be sent as follows:

In the U.S. all RMA packages should be shipped to:

Novotech Technologies – RMA#
835 Commerce Park Drive
Ogdensburg, NY 13669

In Canada all RMA packages should be shipped to:

Novotech Technologies – RMA#
57 Iber Road, Unit 2
Ottawa ON K2S 1E7

International RMA packages (from outside North America) should be shipped to:

Novotech Technologies – RMA#
57 Iber Road, Unit 2
Ottawa ON K2S 1E7

Are there any specific requirements related to how I ship RMA product to Novotech?

All RMA returned items must be sent via traceable means, such as UPS, FedEx, Purolator or DHL. Be sure to retain the tracking information for your records. The customer is responsible for the product until it is received by Novotech. Novotech is liable for the returned item upon receipt of shipment.

Is there a deadline to submit RMA products once the initial claim is completed?

If Novotech has not received the RMA requested items from the customer within thirty (30) days of the RMA assignment date, the RMA will be closed. Novotech will not accept any packages without an open, valid RMA number appearing on at on the outside of the box/packaging and reference to the RMA number on the shipper or air waybill.

Only the specific items listed on the RMA will be accepted. Any other items will be returned to the customer at customer’s expense. After return shipment of a repaired/replacement part to the customer, Novotech will close the RMA.

Who is responsible for RMA shipping charges?

The customer is responsible for paying shipment charges when returning the product to Novotech. Novotech will pay for shipment of the repaired items back to the customer, unless otherwise specified during the RMA process, for example on a DOA expedited return. Novotech ships all domestic RMA repaired items by UPS or Purolator Ground (5-7 business days).

What is the RMA turnaround time?

The customer is responsible for paying shipment charges when returning the product to Novotech. Novotech will pay for shipment of the repaired items back to the customer, unless otherwise specified during the RMA process, for example on a DOA expedited return. Novotech ships all domestic RMA repaired items by UPS or Purolator Ground (5-7 business days).

What if my returned product is deemed to be No Trouble Found (NTF) or damaged/misused?

Upon testing, if the product is found to be operational, then the product will be considered NTF and the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges incurred during the RMA process.

All items returned under an RMA will be repaired, or at the manufacturer’s option replaced with either new or factory refurbished parts. If a returned product is determined to be damaged or misused, it will be handled according to the out-of-warranty policy. All repaired or replacement parts will have successfully passed the appropriate manufacturing quality assurance test procedures. These are the same tests that are utilized to verify "new build" parts by the manufacturers. Out-of-Warranty repaired items will carry a warranty as specified by the manufacturer.

What happens if my product warranty period is expired or my product is deemed to be damaged or misused?

An out-of-warranty product may be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished parts for a fee dependent on the manufacturer’s policies for that particular product. Products that have been damaged or misused may be deemed non-repairable at the manufacturer’s determination, and Novotech will in turn provide that information as provided by the manufacturer to the customer.

Out-of-warranty repaired or replaced items will carry the warranty specified by the manufacturer.

All shipping costs for out-of-warranty repaired and/or replaced items are the responsibility of the customer.

What are the repair or replacement fees for out-of-warranty products?

Fees for all out-of-warranty products to be repaired or replaced will be determined by the manufacturer. Issuing an RMA for any product does not guarantee that the product can or will be repaired/replaced.

What are my payment options for out-of-warranty repairs?
  • On your Novotech account
  • By Visa or MasterCard
  • Via Wire Transfer