At Novotech, we are committed to helping you achieve your M2M/IoT business objectives. We understand you may run into challenges which is why we've created flexible and responsive support solutions.

Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your router, gateway or modem?

Please visit our troubleshooting section where we help solve some of the most problem issues with routers and gateways including devices not powering on any issues with connectivity.

Troubleshoot your device here.

Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your Signal Booster?

Please visit our troubleshooting section where we help solve some of the most common issues with signal boosters including devices not powering on or issues with your signal.

Troubleshoot your device here.

General FAQs

Novotech has a number of resources to help you self-serve and answer hardware and software issues with your product.

We have a frequently asked questions for


  1. General FAQs for Shipping, receiving and payment
  2. RMA FAQ page
  3. A resource page with PDF guides and top troubleshooting issues.
  4. Signal Booster troubleshooting page

Submit an RMA

If your issue is still not resolved after visiting our FAQs, resource pages and online technical support guide, you will be directed to begin the RMA process.

To start here is how to submit an RMA.

Once you visit our RMA page, you may follow the instructions and submit the necessary information. You should receive a reply to your RMA request within two business days. However, the actual issuance of the RMA may take five business days.

Novotech's Technical Support

In addition to technical sales and logistics personnel, Novotech has a team of veteran wireless engineers who understand what it takes to plan a successful project from beginning to end. Novotech engineers offer guidance from product concept to component selection. We also have relationships to assist with PCB design and layout, as well as providing you insight into obtaining the necessary regulatory certifications.

If you can't find the help you need on our website, email technical.support@novotech.com. Please be sure to include

  • The model/device along
  • A written description of the problem
  • Any error messages
  • Scripts, pictures or screenshots
  • Please include as much detail as is possible.